What are the Different Types of Disability Courses that Can Be Finished Online?

Do you have the desire to help people who are in need, especially those who are suffering from severe medical conditions? Are you fond of making elderly people smile? If you love doing these things, then you may enjoy taking up disability training courses in Brisbane and Perth.   What exactly is a disability certificate? […]

Understanding the Importance of First Aid Courses in Perth

Most safety experts say that in all kinds of situations, no one can be completely out of danger. However, necessary precautions and measures can help a person to be kept away from danger. But when the worse comes to worst, and someone gets injured or suffers from a health condition, there are people who should […]

Things to Prepare Before Aiming for a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Are you planning to pursue a career in early childhood education? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a licensed and trained childcare specialist? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have already applied for a diploma of early childhood education.   It is relatively easy to apply for […]

Everything You Need to Know about Training and Assessment Courses in Australia

Are you planning to become a trainer in the future? Are you interested in having a position where you will be able to train and instruct other people? If yes, then you should definitely do a certificate IV in training and assessment.   What is it?   This particular field of study aims to provide […]

Childcare Courses Online: Choosing the Career to Inspire the Next Generation

Do you naturally love kids and you feel you can keep up with a child’s varying attitudes? If yes, then you may want to take it one step higher. Why don’t you take up child care courses so you will get professional training in handling kids better? Taking care of children is often an underrated […]

Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Free for all Students doing a full qualification with Training For Me! $25 for non students Ever thought you’d like to improve your English skills to make everyday life easier? Are you currently completing a course at Training for Me and would like FREE lessons to assist in your own personal development? Come to our English classes […]

Learning Lounge Launch

Learning Lounge Launch Now available for student use! At Training for Me, your learning experience is about how you learn, not how we need to teach like most training and education services. So have a workout before a class. Lounge around in bean bags after your class and discuss with other students. You can use the PC’s […]

Understanding the Basics of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Have you had previous experience in a particular type of work, and you feel that you already know enough, but you just can’t use it in applying to other positions because you did not go formal education? Do you feel that your years of hard work and toil would just come to waste because everyone […]

Helpful Tips in Finding Early Childhood Courses in Perth

  Do you love kids? Are you always assigned by your peers, family members or even relatives to take care of their kids for a while until they come back from a short trip to the mall? Do you enjoy doing it? Then why don’t you make a career out of it? Yes, with the […]

First Aid Courses in Brisbane: 4 Essential Things You Should Know

  Safety is one of the most underrated issues that education and care professionals often take for granted. As a result, they think that learning about first aid is not that important and so they focus their attention on other things. However, because safety is definitely crucial, one should learn more about it by going […]

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