Whether You Live in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth, Earn Your Certificate III in Educational Support Online with Training For Me

Early childhood education is the bedrock for future learning. It is during this time that children learn many important skills, both academic and social. It is a chance to develop good learning habits and proper socialisation techniques. In fact, it’s hard to overstate the importance of experienced educators from early on in a child’s life. Do you have the drive to be a part of this process? For those who love education and children, consider working to earn your Certificate III in Educational Support. It can be a gateway to developing your educational career and touching the lives of countless children in a positive way.

At Training For Me, we offer many pathways to earn the Certificate III in Educational Support in Perth, including online. We also take the time to work one on one with our students to develop individual learning plans to facilitate efficient study. Support roles are just as critical in education as teaching roles. Whether you wish to work as a teacher’s aide or on your own, our courses will prepare you for the career challenges ahead. After enrolment, what will be your options for study? What type of material will you cover?

Learning while balancing studies and life

When studying for the Certificate III in Educational Support online, students will need to complete 17 total competency units, including five elective units. Though basic literacy is a prerequisite , no previous studies are necessary for enrolment. However, there is a requirement for students to complete 100 hours of “on the job” experience. Please ask for more information about receiving workplace practice within a registered school.

Considering the content of the course’s units, students learn many vital skills. For example, one unit concerns competency surrounding classroom management. Such organisational abilities are vital to effectively delivering lessons. You will also learn how to promote the learning of important skills in children. Do you love the arts? Choose the elective unit aimed at nurturing a child’s creativity. There are many opportunities for exploring your strengths as you work towards the Certificate III in Educational Support in Melbourne. Training For You can help identify those strengths when we formulate your learning plan.

Begin earning your Certificate III in Educational Support online now

For a full overview of course components, prerequisites, and more, please visit the course page here on our website to download a complete brochure. Unsure of where to begin or which path you should take? We can help to tailor learning solutions to fit your needs. Whether you have time to dedicate to full-time study or you prefer to work at your own pace, Training For Me can adapt to accommodate your preferred learning style. Ready to begin working towards the Certificate III in Educational Support in Brisbane? Enrol online, or call us on 1800 222 336 for a friendly answer to your questions today.

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