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1.Code of Conduct and Emotional AvailabilityBehaving professionally in the workplace is the great general focus of our session, during this time we will explore ethics. The aim of this session is to allow empower early year’s practitioners to shine through their professional and ethical practices. In conjunction with this we will explore theory and research behind what makes someone emotionally unavailable. Strategies to support staff to feel more connected and raise self-esteem through coping methods and team building. An awareness of the code of conduct and gaging your emotions will reignite your passion for Early Childhood Education.
2.Nurturing and Caring in the early years (Attachment Theory)During this session we will explore the amazing world of attachment theory, brain development and your role in creating a child with secure relationship skills. Exploring experiments and their conclusions will allow us to bring theory into the practical.
3.Sustainability in the Early YearsDuring this session we will explore methods which encourage children to feel connected with and contribute to their world. The importance of and how to embed sustainable practices into early childhood education will also be covered. Strategies and activities will be also be suggested.
4.Reggio EmiliaDuring this session we will explore becoming Reggio-Inspired through ensuring the environment is the third teacher. Communication and the various forms of language are also explored. Effective documentation are also incorporated in the Reggio Emilia approach.
5.Effective Mat SessionsMat sessions, morning meetings or gatherings, whatever you call them you know that they are vital to a child’s experience in your service. The importance of making mat sessions meaningful, engaging and a time for children to feel like they belong is a focus.
We endeavour to costumise this session for your centre through exploring one or more of the following…
Pre-Literacy and Emergent Literacy Skills, knowledge and phonics as well as session examples.
Science is far more than creating a volcano in a sandpit. Learn how science can be introduced in the early years through wonders, investigation and problem solving methods.
Teaching emergent Numeracy skills through hands on play based experiences. Collaboration, negotiation and Language skills through session ideas will be explored.
6.Learning Stores:
During this session the importance of capturing effective learning stories will be explored. Completing a portfolio with meaningful evidence is often difficult therefore we will explore the various ways to observe and options available to record these observations. We will also explore planning and programming the EYLF. It is also important to weave the EYLF into our learning stories, being cohesive and making life easier by streaming together.
The NQF is a very large and dynamic document, during this session we will break down the various aspects of the NQF. There are various ways in which Educators and Managers can contribute to the smooth running of a continuously improving service once they have knowledge of its purpose.
7.The Hidden Aspects of Behaviour guidance… Creating a positive and purposeful EnvironmentThere are often underlying reasons for children’s behaviour, during this session we will explore strategies to support educators. The environment and how purposeful it is, ensuring children are safe and feel as they belong in their environment will be explored. Implementing consistency supports children to become aware of the steps used to guide their behaviour. The role of the teacher in ensuring both the indoor and outdoor environments have purpose.
8.“Watch me Grow”
An overview of child’s development
What is “Normal” in my child or children in my care? When is early intervention required and what can I do to support a child’s development? We will explore the stages of development and the theories and theorists in child development.
9.Protective behavioursThis session supports staff to build upon their knowledge of the protection of children. We will explore duty of care, NQF, possible indicators of abuse and neglect as well as reporting.
10.“Look at me!”
Drama, Music and The Early Years
Drama is essential in the early childhood experience. When children become somebody or something else they can face their fears, explore new concepts and problem solve issues in their lives. In this fun workshop, we will explore how the dramatic arts can be translated to babies, toddlers and kindly in all manner of techniques and styles.
This fun and interactive session will look at creative and new ways that you can implement music into children’s world. Come and be reminded of old songs you learnt as a child as well as new songs and music you can learn now!

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