Need a Diploma of School Age Education and Care in Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth? We Can Help

Working with children is a rewarding experience, and with an ever-increasing demand for qualified professionals, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for those who possess the required certifications. You don’t need to endure years of education to become a teacher to work with children; you can enrol on shorter courses designed to instruct you how to manage, organise, and teach children outside of school hours. If you already have a school age education and care certificate and would like to develop your skills further, you might be interested in earning a Diploma of School Age

Education and Care in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

Studies have shown time and time again that children who take part in extracurricular activities increase their chances of success later in life, which is why there are many job openings for roles such as vacation supervisor and OSHC assistants, but you may have ambitions to progress to more managerial roles. To climb the ladder and go as far as you can go, you might need a diploma to prove you know how to keep children safe and develop their learning goals.

At Training For Me, we provide accredited training programmes to help you attain the required qualifications to work with children in a managerial role and make a positive impact on their lives. While you may have a passion for working with children, you need to prove you are capable by earning a Diploma of School Age Education and Care, and our comprehensive courses utilise a variety of training methods to prepare you for a rewarding career in an outside-of-school-hours managerial role.

What You Need to Know about a Diploma of School Age Education and Care in Melbourne

Densely populated cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth desperately need qualified individuals to work with children, and earning the required diploma is the first step towards filling such a role. Here’s what you need to know about the Diploma of School Age Education and Care in Perth.

  • Entry Requirements – Needless to say, you need a positive attitude and genuine passion for working with children to complete our courses, but we don’t require much more than that. If you can prove sufficient literacy capabilities and hold a Working with Children Card, you can join our course and gain the qualifications you need to advance your career.
  • Our Teaching Methods – Everybody learns in different ways, which is why we take a blended approach to teaching to help you achieve your goals. Our training methods include classroom-led instruction, on-the-job training, assessment practice, and practical workshops.
  • The Outcome – After you’ve completed our courses and earned your diploma, you can apply for jobs including OSHC Coordinator, Group Leader, Vacation Care Coordinator, and OSHC care worker.

Advance Your Career Today

At Training For Me, we can help you progress your career through our accredited, comprehensive training programs. We ensure our courses go at a pace that suits you so that you leave with the required skills and knowledge to unlock your full potential, so contact us today to find out more about the Diploma of School Age Education and Care.

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