RPL Recognition of Prior Learning and How It Benefits Skilled Workers


Did you have a certain job that did not require an educational attainment? Were you able to develop your skills and knowledge in that particular job position? If this is the case, then you may be able to do the same type of job for another employer.

Unfortunately, some employers require their new employees to present proof that they indeed finished the relevant training. How about skilled workers like you who just learned the skills based on their experience?

This is where Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL training is beneficial.

What exactly is recognition of prior learning assessment?

In this particular course, an RPL specialist will assess an individual based on his previous jobs, skills, capabilities, and everything in between. The specialist would then provide the person the necessary documents to prove that he has enough knowledge or skills about a particular job position.

Some of the most common RPL courses that are assessed include:

  • Early childhood education and care – Even without prior formal education, a person may get a certification or diploma for early childhood education and care if he or she is able to show his experience working with toddlers and kids.
  • School age education and care – For individuals who were able to provide education and care to school-age kids or children, they may be eligible to receive a diploma in this instruction.
  • Education support – If you served as the unofficial teacher aide in a particular school for a significant amount of time, that experience may be credited to you as informal education.
  • Leadership and management – If you were already given the responsibility to lead a team or manage a group of people, you may get TAFE recognition of prior learning.

Aside from looking at personal profiles and employment histories, RPL specialists also read recommendations and distinctions coming from colleagues, previous employers, and other references. Once all these details are gathered, they will decide whether you are eligible for a certificate or diploma.

Obtaining recognition of prior learning in Perth is not difficult. You only need to search online and pick an online institution that offers RPL assessment services. Even if you are located elsewhere, getting recognition of prior learning in Brisbane will not take a lot of time.

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