Study School Age Education and Care in Melbourne to Gain a Diploma or Certificate for a Life-Changing Career

Few jobs in this world are more rewarding than those that allow you to help other people, and there’s a massive demand for qualified individuals to work with children. During their early years, children need all the help they can find to unlock their full potential, uncover their hidden talents, give them the required confidence to achieve their goals, and learn how to form meaningful relationships with the people around them. You could be the person to help countless children grow up into successful, happy adults.

To work with children in Melbourne, you need to obtain qualifications to prove you can keep them out of harm’s way as well as assist their learning goals. To work with children outside of school hours, you need to earn a diploma or certificate from a certified training provider. If you study school age education and care in Melbourne at our facility, you can feel confident you’ll complete the course with the skills you need to lead a successful career helping others.

At Training For Me, we offer tailored training programs to accommodate your learning style and help you achieve your end goals. We’ve provided study school age education and care courses in Melbourne and beyond for nearly ten years, and we utilise a broad range of training methods to ensure you leave with the skills you need to impact children’s lives positively. Keep reading below to learn how our courses can help you make a career change you’ll love.

Why You Should Earn a School Age Education Certificate and Care Certificate in Melbourne

If you want to work with children outside of school hours, the first step is to gain a school age education and care certificate, which opens job opportunities such as OSHC Assistant and Vacation Supervisor. If you want to develop your skills further and aim for managerial roles such as Vacation Care Coordinator and Service Director, you might need to obtain a school age education and care diploma in Melbourne. Here’s why you’ll love a job in this industry:

  • A rewarding career – One of the biggest complaints among workers in every industry is a lack of job satisfaction, but those in careers that focus on helping others are less prone to such feelings.
  • Clear career progression – If you feel like trapped in a dead-end job, you’ll be glad to learn that our courses open lots of job opportunities with clear progression opportunities.
  • Do something positive for society – Every society has its problems, but many problems persist because children lack the mentoring and guidance they need from a young age. With a school age education and care certificate or diploma, you can help children grow up to be successful, contributing adults.

Your New Career is Only a Phone Call Away

To take the first step towards working in this rewarding industry, you simply need to pick up the phone and enquire about our comprehensive, personalised courses. We want to help you succeed so that you can help others, and we’re committed to providing exceptional courses to equip you with the skills you need to make a positive change. Contact us today for more information.

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