Why You Should Study School Age Education and Care Courses in Perth and the Jobs You Can Secure with a Diploma or Certificate

Even though we’re encouraged to start thinking of our ideal career from a young age, we often don’t know what job we desire until we become a little older. Some people imagine there’s nothing worse than being stuck in an office all day staring at a computer screen while others like the idea of having their own desk and being able to hide away from the general public. No job is a bad job if you enjoy it, but finding a career that you’ll like for decades is no easy task. However, if you love working with children and would like to make a positive impact on somebody’s life, you might want to study school age education and care in Perth.

Every child in the world needs several mentors during their early years to be successful when they grow up, and they need teachers and passionate assistants to unlock their potential and hidden talents. A school age education and care diploma in Perth allows you to work with children outside of school hours and on vacation programmes, and the entry requirements for the course are far from demanding. If you have a passion for the industry, can read and write to a satisfactory standard, and have a Working with Children Card, you can study with us to gain the diploma or certificate you need to secure your dream job.

At Training For Me, we provide comprehensive courses to help you make the most of your career by finding a job that guarantees satisfaction, and our blended approach to teaching ensures all students can learn in a way that suits them. After you’ve earned the required certificates and diplomas in Perth, you’ll have the skills you need to land a job you’ll love. Keep reading below to learn about the jobs you can do after completing our courses.

What Jobs Can You Secure with a School Age Education and Care Certificate in Perth?

Our school age education and care courses in Perth open more opportunities than you might think. Here are some of the jobs you can apply for after graduating.

  • Assistant OSHC Coordinator – In this role, you’ll be responsible for implementing learning programmes for students outside of school hours, which means reaching out to the community and working with volunteers to create teaching frameworks.
  • Recreation Assistant – As a recreation assistant, you’ll be responsible for organising and planning fun activities with children outside of school hours, whether it’s just for a bit of fun or to teach them about teamwork.
  • Mobile Assistant – If you like the idea of being flexible and having the ability to move around to different areas while improving children’s lives, you might be interested in applying for a job as a mobile assistant.

The Opportunities are Endless

Obtaining a school age education and care certificate in Perth is the first step towards landing a satisfying job, and we’re here to ensure that you learn in a way that suits you. If you want to change your life and make a positive impact on countless others, contact us today on 1800 222 336 to learn more about our courses.

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